About Us

A free resource for all retro gaming mag fans

Over time we’ve accrued an archive of retro gaming magazines from around the world, which we store on our own private cloud storage.

We needed to do something to make them more accessible and easier to read. So, we spent some time reformatting them and compressing them without sacrificing quality. Once all was said and done, we thought why don’t we share what we’d done with the world…and so¬†retrogamingmags.com was born.

Maintaining this site is a lot of work and we’ll only have a limited selection of magazines available to begin with, but we’ll add more as and when we can. You can subscribe to notifications on the site to get updates when we put a new publication online.

Credit where Credit's due!

None of this would be possible without the hard work that many individuals have put into scanning and uploading these magazines to the internet.

We don’t know exactly who uploaded what originally, but we can tell you that we sourced most of the magazines from Sega Retro and Archive.org so a big thank you to both of those sites is due for hosting them.